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What you are about to see here in these pages is the dream of a lifetime. As you can see by the URL of this page, these pages reside on a server that is, in fact, owned by a DeLong! Although I haven't made a connection with him yet, Owen DeLong (the owner of the server) is probably a distant cousin of mine. And your's, if you are a DeLong reading this page.

What has really brought all of the following pages to the World Wide Web is a program called GED2HTML, created by Gene Stark. This program takes standard GEDCOM genealogical files and converts them to HTML, the language that presents web pages to your web browser. If you'd like more information on GED2HTML, visit Gendex.COM

Please note that although there may be references to other surnames on these pages, I am currently unable to display the entire DeLong genealogy tree. I can assure you that there is probably additional information on the "non-DeLong" surnames shown here. Extensive information on other surnames are not shown since this site contains ONLY direct DeLong blood relatives. This was the original intent. Please do not send me email asking to add a generation or section of your ancestors. Sorry to be so blunt, but that's the way it is.

If you think this page looks a little threadbare, you're right. I want to keep it toned down a bit so that, if anything, it loads a bit faster. I've seen pages that look really great, others that look like they were thrown together as an afterthought. Hopefully you, too, know what a good page looks like. So if you have any comments, ideas, complaints, spelling errors, or whatever, please let me know.

The genealogical records contained on the following pages were compiled by my sixth-cousin-once-removed, Roger Lee DeLong. Dive into his research by clicking here!

Who Visits This Page?

Updated May 17, 1998

Thanks to a great freeware program called Analog, I've been able to determine where our visitors come from. All across the United States as well as all over the world, as it appears. For details, please visit this page for the details.

Robert Grover (Bob) DeLong

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